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The American Textbook Council is an independent non-profit research organization established in 1989 to review history textbooks. Its many publications and reports, from History Textbooks: A Standard and Guide (1994) to Islam in the Classroom (2008), provide authoritative history textbook reviews and topical commentary in social studies.

The Council is not a trade association or commercial enterprise. The Council does not represent textbook publishers or editors. It does not sell textbooks or instructional materials. It is not a political agency or advocacy organization. The Council is dedicated solely to textbook analysis, review, studies and evaluations. Its chief concerns have included the integrity of the humanities curriculum, multiculturalism, history standards, textbook accuracy, and teaching the history of religions.

The Council endorses textbooks that embody vivid narrative style, stress significant people and events, and that promote better understanding of all cultures, including our own nation’s, on the principle that improved textbooks will advance the curriculum, stimulate student learning, contribute to civic welfare, and encourage educational achievement for children of all backgrounds.

American Textbook Council founder Gilbert T. Sewall is the author of Necessary Lessons: Decline and Renewal in American Schools and the co-author of After Hiroshima: The U.S.A. since 1945. Sewall is editor of The Eighties: A Reader. His articles on education have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, American Educator, and many other publications.

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